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What is Sports Psychology

use you mind to overcome obstacles

We define clinical sports psychology as helping athletes overcome a variety of psychological symptoms and problems.

We also see the domain of the Clinical Hypnotherapist as helping athletes to acquire certain psychological, cognitive, behavioural and effective qualities so that their physical capabilities are enhanced.

So, the domain of Clinical Hypnotherapy not only includes the removal of that which hinders but also includes empowering psychological qualities that will help athletes to go even further in there sport.

We emphasize hypnosis in working with athletes because of its ability to create change quickly and effectively.

It is a sophisticated tool that allows us a great deal of power and control in the service of our clients. We feel the field of sports psychology has sold itself horribly short by the traditional emphasis on visualizing perfect performance this is a gross over simplification and is often totally irrelevant.

Please contact me with any questions you may have how Hypnotherapy can help you play better sport.

Please contact me with any questions you may have, how Hypnotherapy can help you.