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Hypnotherapy can resolve emotional trauma in relationships

Surviving Infidelity

► Do you suspect your partners infidelity was a response to unhappiness and can be reconciled.

► Is your relationship worth saving.

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►Maybe you have children and other good values you both hold dear to you heart.

Forgiving adultery is not about telling your partner what they did was OK, but about finding peace in your own mind so life can be easier for you.

Now imagine moving on beyond what happened and how wonderful it will feel when you realise that pain is no longer happening and begin to enjoy you life again.

Getting over a relationship

When a relationship ends, even when you know it had to, it can be difficult to manage your emotions for a while.

So we can give time a helping hand in putting that relationship well and truly in the past as far as your emotions are concerned and will enable you to move on emotionally and feel fresh and open to life again.

Need to forgive and move on

► Still hurting and emotionally feel life will never be the same.

► Are you feeling unforgiving, still raking up anger and feelings of how could you do that to me.

►Time is a great healer but is it taking longer than you think it should.

Imagine when you can think about that person or people and events in question and feel calm and even indifferent. Finding peace of mind and feeling good about your life once again.

Author L.B Smedes said "To forgive is to set a prisoner free - and realise that prisoner was you".

Please contact me with any questions you may have how Hypnotherapy can resolve trauma in relationships and return normality to your life.

Please contact me with any questions you may have, how Hypnotherapy can help you.