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Children do benefit from Hypnotherapy

Could it really stop my child from wetting the bed Will it help my little girl to stop pulling her hair

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Yes. Very helpful

Children grow up with many problems including bed wetting, thumb sucking, nail biting, hair pulling, anger,confidence and self esteem, sport, reading, exams and bullying.

My child is six. Can you help

Children aged six and above respond best to Hypnotherapy and go easier into hypnosis than adults.They respond beautifully to story's and metaphors that create the path to therapeutic change.

Most of Malcolm's work with children is done with the child's "lets pretend" imagination which is the key to a successful outcome.

Sometimes the child may be given a magical tool to resolve their problem on their own and feel very proud of their new magical power.

The Blow Away Technique: also utilises the child's imagination and may also successfully bring about a positive and happy outcome.

A natural way to help my child

Hypnotherapy does not rely on synthetic drugs or artificial tools in any way. The power of the child's imagination in hypnosis is the most natural way to success. The results can be quick and absolutely amazing.

Please contact me with any questions you may have how Hypnotherapy can help your child.

Please contact me with any questions you may have, how Hypnotherapy can help you.