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"Hi Malcolm I have tried every diet known to man, from Weight-watchers to the cabbage diet, and yes, I would lose weight but then I would put it back on and then some. After a lot for research about the Gastric Band Surgery, I could not afford, thousands of pounds for this operation.

I contacted Malcolm and after an long chat on the telephone about the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System, I arranged a meeting with him.

I did have an underlining 25 year grief issue that he kindly dealt with. After that session I felt on top of the world and that made me believe that the Hypno-Band would work for me.

I had the Hypno-Band fitted on the 16th June 2010. My weight was 21st 7lbs or 138.3kgs and my blood pressure was through the roof at 210/190 and a BMI of 43.

After 7 months and to date I have lost 7st 8lbs or 50kgs, I only have 2st 7lbs or 18kgs to lose to get to the weight I want to be.

When I reach my ideal weight, I will send you new photographs for your website".

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"It's now been 12 months since I had the hypno-band fitted, and I am now at my ideal weight of 11st 3Ibs or 66.67Kg.

I'm so happy, and all my friends and family find it unbelievable.

Thanks very much Malcolm and it is difficult to put into words how i feel about the new me".

Sue Wild Tenerife June 2011.

Please contact me with any questions you may have, how Hypnosis can help you.