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A Very happy person! 13th Oct 2009

"I suffered with severe anxiety for as long as I can remember (I’m now 32).

Over the years it became worse and worse. It started to affect my life-style and the things I did. I missed out on a lot of opportunities due to my fears.

Every day I’d wake up and immediately my heart would begin pounding in my chest. I’d leap out of bed, becoming over-whelmed by an intense surge of stress and worry about all the things I had to do that day.

I wasn’t a busy person - I was just worried about simply getting through the day! What possible situations would I be in? I felt anxious to go to the supermarket, sometimes having to actually leave the store because I began to shake so much and felt sick and faint. The thought of going to the check-out was too much - all those people stood in the queue, staring at me - it made my knees tremble.

Social events were a nightmare - I’d need a large glass of wine to relax me before I even left the house. Meeting new people, I was afraid to speak in case I said something wrong. And don’t even ask me about eating in restaurants! Daily life was like a horrible endurance.

Even the littlest thing felt incredibly traumatic. I felt I had no control over my life and had to agree with what other people dictated to me about what actions I should be taking in my life and I left the rest to fate. I felt emotionally drained all the time. My body was always physically exhausted. I was totally miserable.

One day, I was just walking into my home when I spotted a blue flyer that had been blown into my garden. It was for Malcolm´s Hypnotherapy Clinic ( so, yes maybe there is something to be said about fate! ha! ) I didn’t know anything about Hypnotherapy but it sounded interesting so I thought I’d go and see if it would be any help for me...

Well, what can I say! Big big huuuuuuuuge help! In the sessions we did Hypnotherapy and NLP. I explored the basis of my anxieties and dealt with them. I also did a session for confidence. The best part is that Hypnotherapy is so relaxing.

After 4 sessions with Malcolm the world looked and felt like a different place. A nice place, an exciting place. Life for me is now something that I enjoy and where I can make positive things happen for myself.

Since having a different outlook on life, my energy levels have increased yet I feel incredibly relaxed. The anxiety has totally disappeared and I am able to think clearly and make informed decisions for myself.

Situations that once felt nightmarish no longer hold emotional impact at all. The relationships in both my personal life and working life are much better. I am leaping at opportunities and opportunities are now being drawn to me.

I feel absolutely brilliant.

Thank you Malcolm!"