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Mrs Theresa C. Tenerife South 18.08.2009

"Hi Malcolm, No one who has never suffered from a phobia can understand just how debilitating it can be. I have suffered with a fear of mice and rats since I was a child and I’m now 45, that’s a long time.

Over the years it has got steadily worse to the stage where I can’t even watch cartoon mice such a Tom and Jerry or see pictures in magazines or the T.V.

As much as I tried to steer clear of situations where I would come across them it was not always possible, just turning a magazine page was a nightmare in case there was a picture lurking on the next page “to get me”.

For many years I thought about hypnotherapy but was so terrified of mice and rats that the thought of being “cured” and then coming into contact with them filled me with dread. This was totally irrational because if I was cured I wouldn’t mind them would I?

I guess I was sceptical that hypnotherapy could work with someone as bad as me. After seeing Malcolm’s leaflet I finally decided to take the plunge and booked an appointment. My friends and family knew how bad my problem was and whilst they encouraged me to go were totally sceptical that it would work.

Well what can I say? From my initial telephone call to book the appointment Malcolm put me totally at ease and was confident that he could help. At the appointment he explained everything that would happen and after relaxing in his leather armchair for what seemed like 5 minutes (but was actually longer) we agreed to meet in a week’s time. I left feeling “different” but couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

Prior to the appointment my husband had recorded a T.V. programme about Rat catchers in London so that we could watch it as a “test” after the appointment. I sat down to watch the programme with much trepidation but in fact it was absolutely no problem.

My husband just sat open mouthed that the transformation could be so total! Since then I have seen 2 more episodes of the T.V. programme, been to a pet shop and looked at the mice and even saw a real Rat in Los Cristianos and it didn’t cause me any problem at all, no more screaming! I’m cured.

My friends and family can’t believe the change in me. I can’t recommend enough a visit to Malcolm. If you have a problem then I’m sure if he could help me he could help anyone, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. I’ve got my life back and that’s priceless.

Once again thank you for your help."