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Ian Dawson Tenerife 17.06.2009

"I am a man, who, over the years began to eat less and less, and sometimes put my meals down the toilet so my wife wouldn`t see the food in the bin.

This carried on for several years and I got weaker and weaker, but still couldn`t eat more.

I collapsed twice as my body struggled to survive. At this point my family thought I was so ill they wouldn’t see me again.

I am 6ft. tall and only weighed 8st 12 lbs. My son was here on holiday and realised I was gagging even seeing food. and choked when I did try to eat something.

He suggested I see a hypnotherapist.

I then saw Malcolm`s advert in one of the free papers for his hypnotherapy sessions and I contacted him to see if he could help me. We had a couple of sessions and I started eating again and enjoying my food and no gagging or choking!

Before my next visit I was told I had to stop drinking (I had been a heavy drinker all my life), so I explained the situation to Malcolm at my next session.

I don’t know how he does it, but he has sorted out my problems. I now eat very well and have put on 7 kilos in 4 months, and only have the odd small beer, and I feel great.

People tell me how well I look, and all I can say is that Malcolm saved my life. He is a wonderful man."