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Jack Thomas Tenerife 27 May 2009

"I visited Malcolm with great scepticism but almost in desperation. As a man in my early thirties, I was blighted by a habit which even to write about now is embarrassing… sucking my thumb.

This was almost uncontrollable, and I did it at home, in the car, at work, and in social situations. It was massively embarrassing but something that I just couldn’t control.

Having become a Daddy for the first time, I decided it was time to do something about this as I didn’t want my daughter to pick up my bad habit. I found Malcolm online, and from the first exchange of emails, he was polite, professional and just had a general air of confidence about him.

It was with great trepidation that I walked up the steps at the Winter Gardens to meet Malcolm for the first time. But on shaking his hand and taking a seat in his simple but reassuring office my nerves soon eased.

Malcolm was friendly and reassuring at all times, and immediately I felt as if I could trust him.

Through NLP he did something with my brain! I don’t know what magic he weaved except to say that it didn’t hurt, left me quite tired after the session, but left me as a new man! Quite simply, one session and bingo, no more thumb sucking.

I am now some 6-months down the line, having gone through some fairly traumatic times along the way, and not sucked my thumb once. A simple fix that worked first time – I can’t thank Malcolm enough!

A couple of months later I contact Malcolm again – this time to address my fear of flying. I had a specific problem with take off to the point that I would hyperventilate on the runway and often worried the air hostesses to death! (Not handy when living in Tenerife and returning to and from the UK every couple of months or so!).

Anyway, I again contacted Malcolm and went to see him. This time he used hypnotherapy as well as NLP, and what a fantastic experience it was.

The sense of peace and relaxation under hypnosis was beyond anything I have ever experienced – it was simply amazing.

Two days later, I got on a plane… and happily looked out of the window as we climbed out of Tenerife south! A month later, I flew on my own for the first time in nearly 10-years – without a problem at all! Yet again, Mr Mind Magic (Malcolm) had fixed a long standing problem.

Overall, I cannot rate Malcolm highly enough for his ability, attitude and results… I am no longer sceptical and have a list of things to go and see him about!!!"