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Many thanks Sharon Tenerife 4th May 2009

"I contacted Malcolm Dobson on a friend`s advice. My nine year old son`s anger was causing a huge problem at school and with his sibling and me.

When I spoke to Malcolm I described my son as the” hulk” in some every day situations his temper and anger took completely over, creating a very distressing situation.

Malcolm advised me to speak to my son first about coming to see him, which I did and we attended our appointment on 19th of Feb 2009.

After the session with Malcolm I was waiting to see if anything has changed and it had, my son is doing really great he has never done the “hulk” anger since, and tells me it has gone.

I felt the need to put this on your website for parents to read and how I was hesitant at first about Hypnotherapy. Now I would like to let other people know how Hypnotherapy has resolved the Post Stress Trauma my son was suffering months after his successful liver transplant.

My son often suggests that I should attend a session, and says “Malcolm is the best hypnotist in the world”, his exact words.

I have recommended your service to others."