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Linda and Phil. Tenerife. 15/12/2008

" It’s so fantastic to watch your children enjoy their sports activities, and my son now age nine loves playing football.

However his fear of playing on the pitch began with what I called “butterflies” in his belly, which progressively got worse the more he played, to the point where his fear on the pitch became so unbearable he would have to come off.

We needed help and so we arranged several visits to a Paedotologist Centre with my son, but they could not help him.

The most logical answer was to stop him playing football, take up something else. Why watch my little boy suffer. Surely he would get over this fear, maybe when he’s a few years older, and believe me we tried to get him to stop playing (or try to play).

However he loves the sport, his team mates, training and learning the skill etc, and he just wouldn’t stop and didn’t want to either but longed to play on the pitch.

I asked Malcolm Dobson if he thought he could help, even though I was very apprehensive about a hypnotist `messing with my sons mind. Bearing in mind, all I knew or understood about a Hypnotist was what I had seen on TV shows (different from reality).

Malcolm said yes he will help and gave me some reassurance, then on his request I asked my son whether or not he wanted to come and talk to Malcolm and he said ”Yes”.

I was sat with my son when he was talking to Malcolm and l was amazed how Malcolm dealt with the problem.

Without going into any more detail- we left the clinic

Now that was over three months ago and my son has never looked back not even for one second! He now enjoys every game playing with his team mates on the pitch and has NO fear at all."

Thank you from a very relieved and happy Mum and Dad.