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Gaye Flowers      19th September 2017

I have experienced bruxism since around the age of seven. My fear of the dentist compounded this greatly.

I was recommended to have a mouth guard 3 yrs. ago after a brief cancer diagnosis as my stress levels had increased significantly.

Bruxism was causing my jaw to constantly ache, feel tight and my teeth were chipping. Even with a mouth guard I continued to grind my teeth; I even managed to grind through my first mouth guard!

Thankfully after one session with Malcolm Dobson through hypnosis I have now stopped grinding and no longer wear my mouth guard.

The fact that I sleep peacefully and feel revitalized when waking is massive for me.

My husband said I no longer grind my teeth. My jaw feels relaxed and not heavy. I am now not aware of any facial tension.

Thank you seems such a small word, I am incredibly grateful that I am no longer in discomfort.