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Mr Ean Murray       October 2017

"My name is Ean and i was caught up in substance abuse for years (coke)"

I had no reasonable explanations for why at certain times in my life I'd switch to self-destruct.

Normally when things were going well, almost as a wakeup call to myself to say hey dick head it's time to fuck up again, so at times I’d go missing for days in my house just sniffing and watching TV ( no reason ).

I don't drink or smoke so couldn’t relate it to any of those two reasons (like most people say it's when I have a drink I sniff).

So I decided to take action and as I’m not a drinker at all, AA wasn’t an option so I took a conscious decision to see Malcolm who took me on a journey over a period of weeks.

I think what I liked the best was the no question approach as i had no reason I could give to anyone asking that question.

The questions Malcolm asked were to myself which I seemed to be able to answer.

I was good for 8 months no slip ups until I lost my dog of 10 years and I slipped at which point Malcolm was there to help again with the grief process.

Now I won’t say I haven't slipped up since but I’ve always found the teachings of Malcolm have help guide me back on track.

So I'd like to endorse Malcolm as a person that helped me in my life changes and am extremely lucky to have been under his wing and class him as a true friend and hope anyone reading this has the same positive experience I’ve had.

Thank you Malcolm.

Kind regards

Ean murray