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Cherie Ball, Essex uk. June 30th 2012

"Hi Mal,

Hope this finds you both well ...... well better late than never lol lots of love xxxx

Malcolm gave me hypnotherapy previously for not being able to sleep, and i've not had any problems sleeping since having the hypnotherapy.

So, when I wanted to realize my dream of becoming a singer, I found to my horror that I couldn't sing in front of people.

I would come over all hot and feel faint then my throat wouldn't relax enough to let the sound come out. Eventually I would break down in tears. I kept battling thinking that it was just nerves and with more confidence and more practice I will get better.

That wasn't the case. For months I tried to cope with it on my own. Then I spoke to Malcolm and he explained that it was Post-Traumatic Anxiety (PTA) and explained why I was having all the emotions and troubles.

He said that he could help me by taking me back through the years using hypnosis until the time that had caused me to have all these problems.

After a couple of sessions there was a remarkable difference. I still have nerves but this is normal, but I no longer have stage fright. I can sing in front of anyone now.

I auditioned for X Factor which was a dream of mine. On two previous occasions I had chickened out and not turned up, but this time I enjoyed every minute of it.

I now go on stage singing in shows and have just joined a band as the lead singer.

I have been asked to do theatre too which is an amazing opportunity.

So change your life today give Malcolm a call"