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Helen. September 2011

"Dearest Malcolm & Christine!!!

It is, with utter joy, that I submit a testimonial of my personal journey of change at your request, for your website which I would like to be entitled, if possible, as "YES ... LIFE CAN BEGIN @ 48 AFTERALL, LOL ... BUT ONLY DUE TO MALCOLM DOBSON'S HELP!!!!! "by Helina in UK".

After working in secretarial positions both full-time and as a temp for 12 years in London, I began my journey 18 years ago, when I was 30, starting with studying Person-Centred Counselling (also known as Client-Centred) @ City University London.

Although mainly due to friends continually overwhelming me with their woes and worries, I began to think perhaps this might be my path in life? Whilst delighted that I could help others offload by merely listening, I was concerned and worried that perhaps I needed to learn more skills in order to really help them.

So began my astounding self discovery journey! I studied a counselling theory by Carl Rogers for 4 years. In my 3rd year, as part of the degree course, I also began seeing a hypnotherapist @ £36 per hour to help offload/sort out some of my own skeletons!!! (Thought it was worth mentioning this Malcolm since 18 years later, you now only charge a mere and modest 60 Euros!!!)

Whilst in the 3rd year of my counselling degree I began to suffer severe depression and ended up losing my degree course, my full-time job plus the house I was living in!!!

Before being forced to flee London and move back to Ireland to rest and stay with my dearest and oldest friend, I attempted to study Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which is an approach to psychotherapy and organizational change.

This was yet another incredible learning curve experience for me! Once in Ireland I began using St John's Worth and I attended yet another Counsellor to try combat my oppresive depression and 1 year later my doctor finally persuaded me to start using anti-depressants.

I then started a NCVA in Arts, Crafts & Design course for 2 years which led to an Honours Photograpy degree @ Derby University which I hoped would help me finally overcome my depression.

My father died in my 3rd year of study but I still somehow managed to finish my degree albeit I only got a 2.2 but I continually joked that I had got a degree in surviving my depression!!! However I was still suffering severely from depression and just could not seem to find any closure to my "very many skeletons in the closet".

My brother comitting suicide a couple of years ago certainly did not help my seemingly never ending endeavours!!! Infact I was, at the time, very jealous that my brother actually had the courage to end his very unhappy and lonely existence!!!


I am at a loss for words to express my deepest thanks for all the wonderful mind work that you do, Malcolm, deleting/editing/re-programing bad experiences, healing grief, boosting self confidence, enabling and freeing up minds, what wonderful karma, lol!!!

Thank you so much for all that you have already done for me after only 3 sessions!!! (I am sooo looking to doing more work/sessions with you!!!) Indeed words cannot express my heartfelt appreciation!!!

It seems that life can begin at 48 afterall, lol!!!

I would like to add my thanks also for enabling me to look forward and not continually backwards plus even more importantly for enabling me begin dealing with the incredibly enormous challenge of moving to Tenerife!!!

At the risk of repeating myself ad infinitum ... MUCHAS GRACIAS x 3 ( x the power of 3 adinfinitum)!!!

I have, with my doctor's approval, began reducing my anti-depressant medication and am about to start reading " Warriors, Settlers and Nomads by Terence Watts!!!

Thanks for everything Malcolm!!! xox