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Joanne Tenerife July 2011

"Hi Malcolm

A quick note to thank you for helping me get back on the “right” track.

It took me a while to admit to myself that I needed a gentle ear to listen to me and help me sort the muddle that had become my life.

I am normally a person whose glass is always half full and sees the silver lining in the clouds, but after a divorce, loss of friendships and finally being made redundant, the silver lining in the clouds was nowhere to be found and my glass was most definitely half empty.

My grans words “You’ve made your bed, now lay in it“ and “Life isn’t a bed of roses“ were continuously replaying in my mind. I couldn’t sleep, barely ate and funnily enough I couldn’t cry either. I was in “limbo”, an automaton.

I had met you before on a social level and was rather hesitant to ask you for help, as you will probably remember. I am so glad I did.

We had 3 sessions and after the first session I felt a lot better. By talking things through and with the help of your gentle hypnotherapy I was able to close doors and lay some very unwanted ghosts to rest.

After each session I felt relaxed and upbeat at the same time. Thanks to you I have found the silver lining again when needed and the glass is definitely half full.

Oh life still has its ups and downs, but I can cope.

I have no qualms in recommending you, and to anyone having a look at this webpage and is thinking about giving hypnotherapy a try….. DO IT – Go see Malcolm he can help you - to help yourself."