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Jean Hopper, Tenerife 6th July 2011

"Hi Malcolm My husband and I retired to Tenerife two years ago. I knew that my fear of cockroaches was going to be a problem, but I had no idea how bad it would be. I could not enjoy this beautiful place because of the phobia.

I would not go out at night, kept lights on all night, would not enter a room without standing at the door and checking it for them. Even while I was sat down watching TV, I was constantly on the lookout.

I would not have the patio door open at night in case one flew in and this made the room unbearably hot in the summer months. After two years of this I saw an advert for Malcolm Dobson's hynotherapy and decided it would be worth a try.

When I went for the first session I was very sceptical. I was also disappointed that I didn't get "put under" like the TV programmes show. Malcolm told me that this never actually happens, except on TV as entertainment.

I went for a second session and found that Malcolm was enabling me to go back to specific incidents in my childhood, living in Hong Kong and Benghazi, which was the probable cause of my anxiety.

I would not say that I now love the little blighters, but I no longer feel anxious about going out at night and spotting one. I have stopped leaving lights on all night and even leave the patio door open at night.

As a bonus, at the last session Malcolm noticed that I was pulling my hair out and asked me why. I told him that this was a habit I started when I was about five years old and could not stop.

He gave me ten minutes chat about it, put pictures into my head to think about and now every time my hand goes up to my hair, I think about this picture and stop.

All my friends and my husband (who it drove mad because my hairs were everywhere) haved noticed that I no longer do it and for me, this in itself was worth having the hynotherapy.

I would recommend anyone with phobias or distressing habits, to book a session with Malcolm because he relaxes you from the very start. I only had two sessions, but would not hesitate to go back to him. It was the best money that I have ever spent.

Thank you again."