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Olga, Tenerife, 27th September 2009.

"Dear Malcolm!

This is Olga! I am so sorry for such a long silence...but I had a difficult time. Ok, from the start. My fly back, in Ireland was perfect! No alcohol, no panic, no tears, no stop breathing .

I had reading a book, very calmly. My husband was looking at me with distrust and kept asking every 5 min are you ok, you feeling well? Really?

I can take the spiders into my hands! Ok, the tiny ones. But it still a h-u-u-u-ge unbelievable progress! Main thing...I was very close to divorce, closer, than ever in my life. I did not discuss it with my husband. O God-no! Until I will be sure, what I actually want.

I was working a lot, had escape from my home by any reason, and even-without one. It looked, like a heavy black rain cloud get a place over my head, very low. I just could not breathe next to my husband. Is a love gone? Or it’s just me-my growing confidence?

I did not blame the company any more for what happens with my husband. Life is life. Black-white stripes. The trucks on the roads didn’t annoy me anymore! Fantastic feelings no more pain! Good-balanced person-new me!

I nearly didn’t speak with my husband at all, stopped having a sex, not interesting his feelings and way of thinking. One global question: WHY?

Why we are together? We are still together. 3 months later. My love had transformed-according new me. I am more happier now, than ever-Thank You so much! I am not under pressure, not under thumb, not under stress...life is beautiful! Often."