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Cherie Ball. San Miguel de Abona Tenerife. 28/08/2007

"I would like to say to anyone that is thinking of having Hypnotherapy given by Malcolm Dobson that they are in very good hands. He is 100% professional and made me feel totally at ease.

I had suffered broken sleep due to fears for 3 yrs but after only an 1½ hrs of therapy, I now sleep soundly and have no fears during the night. I am so grateful to Malcolm for his help I have more energy and am now a much happier person.

My family has noticed such a positive change in me since having the Hypnotherapy. Malcolm has also taught me techniques that I can use with confidence to help me when I am in a stressful or challenging situation.

I will recommend Malcolm to all my family and friends. Change your life today, you deserve to live the life you want and you don't have to do anything except relax and let Malcolm do the rest."

Best wishes for the future