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What my clients say

    ► "When I first came to Malcolm for therapy it was because i was addicted to cocaine ......More»

    ► "I have experienced bruxism since around the age of seven. My fear of the dentist compounded this greatly ......More»

    ► "My name is Ean and i was caught up in substance abuse for years (coke). ......More»

    ► "I wanted to realize my dream of becoming a singer and found to my horror that I couldn't sing in front of people. ......More»

    ► "Dearest Malcolm and Christine!!! It is, with utter joy, that I submit a testimonial of my personal journey of change......More»

    ► "Hi Malcolm. A quick note to thank you for helping me get back on the “right” track......More»

    ► "My husband and I retired to Tenerife two years ago. I knew that my fear of cockroaches was going to be a problem......More»

    ► "Hello Malcolm. I just want to thank you for the help and confidence you gave me for the operation I have just had......More»

    ► "This is Olga! I am sorry for such a long silence...but i had a difficult time. Ok, from the start. My fly back, in Ireland was perfect!.....More»

    ► "It has now been just over 2 months since I came to see you for giving up smoking and not had a cigarette since.....More»

    ► "I suffered with severe anxiety for as long as I can remember  (I'm now 32). Over the years it became worse and worse......More»

    ► "No one who has never suffered from a phobia can understand just how debilitating it can be.  I have suffered with a fear......More»

    ► "I am a man, who, over the years began to eat less and less, and put my meals down the toilet so my wife wouldn`t see the food in the bin......More»

    ► "I visited Malcolm with great scepticism but almost in desperation. I was blighted by a habit which even to write about now is embarrassing......More»

    ► "I contacted Malcolm Dobson on a friend`s advice. My nine year old son`s anger was causing a huge problem at school and with his sibling and me......More»

    ► "It's so fantastic to watch your children enjoy their sports activities, and my son now age nine loves playing football.......More»

    ► "I would like to thank you for changing my life. After years of suffering from IBS, stress and sleepless nights, you have changed me completely.......More»

    ►"I would like to say to anyone that is thinking of having Hypnotherapy given by Malcolm Dobson that they are in very good hands.......More»

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